Metamorfose UNIVALI

September 2016

Our challenge was to create a film that connects the traditional university model to the generation that is all about changing the rules. Our response was nothing but honest. In collaboration with the advertising agency Sambba, we managed to bring real students to the set and show this evolution in a very special and authentic way. The result is incredible and true to the values of everyone involved.


Porsche Design Towers Brava

February 2016

Looking backwards we dived into the design history to find the essence of this project learning about professor F. A. Porsche and his philosophy. Four countries were involved: Brazil, Austria, Germany and United States; and we shot in three of them. With hours of interviews, we connected the pieces that make the story of the first Porsche Design Tower in Latin America.


Brava International
January 2016

Our challenge was to create a film to promote the region around Brava Beach. Our response was to turn a location into a destination, by highlighting why this is a special place. So following ‘Place Branding’ principles we searched for ways to further enhance the infrastructure through collaboration and identified 7 complementary towns to fit the puzzle that unify the entire region and make up the place we now call ‘Brava International’.