Project Details

Date: March 2015 / February 2016

What We Did: Looking backwards we dived into the design history to find the essence of this project learning about professor F. A. Porsche and his philosophy. Four countries were involved: Brazil, Austria, Germany and United States; and we shot in three of them. With hours of interviews, we connected the pieces that make the story of the first Porsche Design Tower in Latin America.

Director: Guilherme Meneghelli

Production: Verena Meneghelli

Original Soundtrack: Ricardo Fujii

Virtual Scenes: Oficina 3D

Camera crew: André Schoenau,
Eduardo Meneghelli, Felipe Rodrigues
and Marcos Ribas

Countries involved:

  USA     Germany     Austria     Brazil

Two Families of Engineers

Some people may think it’s just a coincidence, but this likeness brought together Carelli and Porsche families into the inception of one of the largest and boldest projects in the region: Porsche Design Towers Brava.

The complex will be the heart of Brava International, a region that covers 110 km of coast and features in the top 5 HDI* in Brazil, serving as a reference for contemporary design and natural environment integration.

As Carelli’s partners since 2014, we were selected to be part of the team and tell the story.


Aligned with the Porsche Design philosophy, we started a deep investigation of many aspects of the process, going straight to the source to find all the answers.

A year long project – with incredible learnings – going through stages of immersion, collaboration with both Carelli and Porsche Design, and final production of the film. We followed every step of the process and this proximity gave us a full understanding of not only the aesthetic of the production but also the form and function of the project so we could deliver the message in then right context. Extracting this essence we wrote the script to show how everything worked since conception and this exercise took us back to our own essence of design thinking.


Located in southern Brazil, Brava International is a place where the Atlantic Forest graces man with exuberance and beauty. 7 cities, more than 70 beaches and endless options for dining and entertainment, including some of the best clubs in the world.

The region is an extraordinary combination of strong economic development, cool lifestyle and pure nature.

Our challenge was to introduce Brava Hills as an international standard neighborhood so we had to look at all surroundings only to discover there was a more functional way to define the entire region.


Most of the creative work was done in the studio in Austria in collaboration with Brazil and Germany, while license and project management were taken care by the team in Germany. All the planning and structural work, including the acquiring of the land has taken place in Brazil.

We captured images in almost every country and our role was to introduce the complexity and magnitude of the project that marks the story of civil construction not only in Brazil, but in the world, in just 4 minutes.

“A process that involves professionals from Austria, Brazil, Germany and the United States, making this a truly international project.”

Roland Heiler

People involved:

Cauey Carelli

Cauey Carelli

Developer of Porsche Design Towers Brava

“Design is the next step of the real estate market.”

Christian Schwamkrug - Design Director Porsche Design Studio

Christian Schwamkrug

Design Director Porsche Design Studio

“The nice thing here is that we had the chance to not only design the buildings itself but also to arrange the whole area.”

Christiano Piquet - CEO Piquet Realty

Christiano Piquet

CEO Piquet Realty

“This project is beyond our time and I believe it will be a revolution not only in Brazil, but in the global real estate market.”

Gill Deezer - President of Deezer Development

Gill Deezer

President of Deezer Development

“The first time I was in Balneário Camboriú I saw all the towers and everything that was going on there and I said: this market is mature and it’s ready for something this special.”

Jan Becker - CEO of Porsche Design Group

Jan Becker

COO of Porsche Design Group

“We have been developing and selling products for global business travelers for a long time. And we found that these people are also interested in high-end real estate so we thought it was a good idea to get into this business and also show our competencies in quality and design in this segment.”

Roland Heiler - Managing Director of the Studio FA Porsche and Chief Design Officer of Porsche Design.

Roland Heiler

Managing Director of the Studio FA Porsche

“The idea was to supply these people and to provide for them for all aspects of life. If they want a full Porsche Design Experience, they can have that.”

Siegfried Ebner - Senior Designer Porsche Design Studio

Siegfried Ebner

Senior Designer Porsche Design Studio

“We want to create super innovative modern type of living together with this emotional feeling in the nature.”

At last, the beginning

The first version of the film ‘Whisper’ was released four months prior to the oficial pre-launch. The idea was to silently spread the word about Porsche Design and Carelli connection in this incredible project.