Project Details


Date: March 2015 / February 2016

What We Did: Our challenge was to create a film that connects the traditional university model to the generation that is all about changing the rules. Our response was nothing but honest. In collaboration with the advertising agency Sambba, we managed to bring real students to the set and show this evolution in a very special and authentic way. The result is incredible and true to the values of everyone involved.

Direction: Thomas Ventura

Art Direction: Verena Meneghelli

Cinematographer: Guilherme Meneghelli

First Assistant Camera: Eduardo Meneghelli

Executive Production: Guilherme Meneghelli, Thomas Ventura and Verena Meneghelli

Production: Gabriel Campos

Assistant Production: Aliakim Sá and Carolina Luiza Riedel

Soundtrack and Mix: Ritmika Audio Arts (Henrique Tanji), Serena Trio.

Gaffer: Dill

Assistant Eletrical: André Meyer

Making of: Hugo Takemoto

Make: Queli Moura and Hadassa Machado

Camera Crew: Eduardo Meneghelli, Guilherme Meneghelli, Thomas Ventura.

Graphic Interface: Douglas Etges

Post Production and Color: EPIC Studio


Our method is simple, truth is our raw material.

The conception of the ‘Metamorphosis Univali’ film followed this principle. In collaboration with Sambba agency and Director Thomas Ventura, we aligned the goals – both agency’s and client’s – while following an organic production process to reflect authenticity in the message, one of the main values for Generation Z – the University’s target audience.

Our experience of almost 3 years with the ‘REC’n’Play‘ project gave us the confidence to dive into this challenge and ensure the quality of the result.


REC’n’Play emerged as an organic way of documenting artists, especially musicians, preserving their own essence. The process consists in recording their content in full, exactly as it will go live. No cuts or editing, just a ‘naked production’, with little or no intervention, simply keeping the artists’ originality and the natural setting of the chosen environments.


To create a new version of a classic requires a lot of responsibility. More so when it comes to Raul Seixas and his eternal ‘Metamorfose Ambulante’ (Ambulant Metamorphosis). Old acquaintances and close friends of the production team, ‘Serena Trio’ were called for the first hearing, a test that was enough for the originality and boldness of the local band to convince everyone that they had found the new interpreters for the soundtrack.


This version was recorded in São Paulo by Ritmika Studio, a studio geared for cinema audio production, strengthening our search for something less commercial.


An unusual casting, produced and directed by friends (former students of the University) with the support and encouragement of the Director of Photography Guilherme Meneghelli, Director Thomas Ventura and Art Director Verena Meneghelli, engaged in the search for the perfect cast to tell the story in its original and truest form.

Under the approval of Sambba agency – Florianópolis | SC, the cast was chosen contemplating mostly students, alumni and teachers of the University, as well as some friends and acquaintances of EPIC Studio, bringing humor, high energy and experiences to the set, all in line with the film’s proposal – a change in attitude.


Never in history have we questioned so much the status quo. Education, work, transport, food, behaviour – simply everything is being reviewed and the labels are becoming obsolete. This generation wants the truth, and no longer what has been manufactured by society or media.

A combination of pragmatism and hope is what drives this generation, that are using technological advancements as tools to increase the reach of their messages and is not afraid to share anything because they already understood that they can be the difference.

Both industrial and technological revolutions taught consumption. And now we must return to the roots to understand the impact of all this in the world and rescue what is really essential in life. The responsibility of this transformation is in the Generation Z’s hands, who questions not for rebellion, but for having awareness and concern about the future that is right in front of them and must be faced by everyone.

Based on this belief, this generation is constantly changing. Changing the course at the University and in life. Changing lifestyles and their talk. Updating their preferences, all the time.

So, evolving without shame is inevitable, simply because we would not be who we are today if we had kept the same old opinion about everything.